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FrontClerk PMS

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FrontClerk PMS

WalkingManLogoFor over 17 years, HSS has been providing management software solutions for the hospitality sector. We are dedicated in providing user friendly software, priced for value with support after the sale to insure better customer satisfaction. FrontClerk is installed in over 4,500 hotels from a small boutique hotel to hotels with over 400 rooms. A turnkey Installation typically takes 5 to 7 days, including on-site training and training aids.

FrontClerk is fully featured and can be modified with our System Utilities for the way you run your hotel, bed and breakfast, campsite, extended stay property, military rooming facility, or other guest facilities. Its simple menus are easy to read and use.

Basic system skills for Front Desk personnel are available on our training CD and Advanced Training Programs are available. Management Training is required since the program is very robust and has many hotel management features.

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HSS Classic Product - FrontClerk

Front Desk Clerk Features & Functions

Here is a list of just a few of the FrontClerk features - Call HSS Sales at 1-800-634-9248 for an ONLINE DEMO Click on any BLUE feature below for a short demo video (Opens in new window)

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Management Functions

Call HSS Sales at 1-800-634-9248 for an ONLINE DEMO Click on any BLUE feature below for a short demo video

Unsold Rooms Report
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  • Night Audit
  • Checked Out Guest Adjustments
  • Manager's Adjustments
  • Monthly Roll Over
  • Set Flat Charges
  • View Folios By Departure Date
  • Manage Advance Reservation Deposits
    • Not Checked In
  • Transmit Multiple Days
  • Edit Attractions Listing
  • Ad hoc Listing Of Charges
  • Move or Change Description
  • Set Defaults For Export File
  • Create Guest Export File
  • Transfer Information to Home Office
  • Daily Backup
  • Maintenance

Management Reports

Call HSS Sales at 1-800-634-9248 for an ONLINE DEMO Click on any BLUE feature below for a short demo video

Management Reports
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  • Operating Reports
  • Franchise Fee Report
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Monthly Occupancy Forecast
  • Monthly Deposit Report
  • Monthly Cash Out Report
  • Key Deposit Report
  • Weekly Who Owes Us Rent Report
  • Out-Of-Service Report
  • Maids Minutes Report
  • Room Count Revenue Report
  • Monthly Cash Out Listing
  • Shift Balance Report
  • Shift Listing Report
  • Manager's Report
  • Rooms Out of Service Report

Marketing Functions

Call HSS Sales at 1-800-634-9248 for an ONLINE DEMO Click on any BLUE feature below for a short demo video

Market Report
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  • Marketing Department
  • Master Marketing Report
  • Guest List Corporate Report
  • Source Code Report
  • List & Maintain Market Codes
  • Add, Produce & Edit Letters
  • Produce Mailing Labels
  • Market Codes by State
  • Market Listing by City
  • Database Marketing

Billing Controls

FrontClerk provides data export interfaces to Back Office accounting systems as comma delimited text files including certain Guest Information to other systems on a "pick and choose" menu. Our customers interface to Great Plains, MAS 90, Quick Books and other professional accounting systems.

Here is a list of functions with the FrontClerk Billing Module: Click on any BLUE feature below for a short demo video

Direct Bill Report
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  • Add or Edit a New Customer
  • Add, Edit, or Payoff Direct Bill Charge
    • With Cash
    • With Credit Card
  • Print Statements and Direct Bill Receivables
  • List Folio Payments
  • Batch Folio Pay Off
  • Consolidate Direct Bills
  • Split Partially Paid Folios
  • Print Daily Direct Bills
  • Account / Folio Write-Off
  • Edit/Pay Existing Check
  • Delete Paid Checks
  • List Bad Checks
  • List, Add or Edit An Advance Deposit

Exporting Data

FrontClerk data can be sent in simple, comma delimited text files that can then be imported into other programs including many popular Accounting packages, Excel, Word, Direct Mail programs, ACT! Contact Manager, and other Databases.

Write Confirmation Letters

Track New Guests using ACT! and use it's Contact Manager to stay in touch for Direct Mail, Holiday greetings, or special promotions.

Update your accounting records with only a few steps.

Remote System Access

FrontClerk offers two ways to remotely access your Hotel's Property Management System - over the Internet or through a Direct Phone Dial-up:

Remote Dial-up Access to Your Hotel

This remote access is over a standard phone line. Your HSS system requires a modem and a dial-in phone number. When you are ready to access the Hotel, contact the Hotel to allow you system access. You can then use any Windows PC with our Remote Access software (long distance charges may apply). This is View and Use access. If you want to print all the FrontClerk reports at your remote location, use the FrontClerk Online internet version described below.

Remote File Transfer - the Hotel can designate which data is to be sent to a remote location or home office. This information is then transferred in a comma delimited text format and can be read by many popular programs such as ACT!, Excel, popular Accounting Programs and databases.

Remote Internet Access to Your Hotel

Convenient - From any location in the world using your private password, you can access each of your hotels from a single Windows based application - FrontClerk Online. We can help you modify your FrontClerk Online application to your individual Hotel and Internet preferences and uses.

Easy to use...

Remote Printing - Print any FrontClerk report or screen to your local printer or Windows network printer without any confusing configuration modifications.

Secure Your Data - There are two basic ways to make sure your access to the Internet from your hotel Property Management System computer is secure...

Hotel Software Systems can provide written guidelines for you to install a SECURE Internet connection.

Operating Reports

Operating Reports
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  • Arrivals & Cancellation Report
  • Departure Report
  • Maids Housekeeping Report
  • Rack or Tree Report
  • Guest Phone List
  • Shift Listing
  • Shift Accounting Balance
  • Change Shift Information
  • Accounting Journal Listing
  • Administrative Call Listing
  • Guest Cash / Credit Limit Listing
  • Folio Code Spreadsheet Listing
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Tax Report for Taxes Changed
  • Credit Card Settlement Credit
  • Card Authorizations Report
  • Guest Message Report


FrontClerk offers over 100 interfaces to many systems and vendors popularly used by hotels with direct folio posting in most cases including:

FrontClerk with Windows

FrontClerk for Windows
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  • SMOOTH MIGRATION from your existing FrontClerk software - or run both from the same database ! All guest history remains available after you upgrade
  • MINIMAL TRAINING - the intuitive user screens can be learned after less than one hour of training - existing users will be even faster.
  • FEWER SCREENS - check-in, check-out, find availability and room rates, and make reservations all from one easy to learn screen.
    • On the phone taking a reservation when a customer wants to check in? Open a second Tabbed Window, check in your customer and go back to your reservation WITHOUT LOSING ANY DATA OR TIME!
    • Need to know who's arriving today or get a current phone list? Keep a Tabbed Window open and it's one click away!
  • AVAILABILITY, ROOM BLOCKING & MOVING ROOMS - all available on one easy to use screen
  • STANDARD & CUSTOM REPORTS - all your favorite reports. Customize them for your hotel.
  • NETWORK PRINTING - any printer on your network can be used
  • HOME OFFICE ACCESS & REPORTING - an updated version of our popular "work from home" for the corporate office or remote manager

Your Hotel's Website Reservations

FrontClerk offers a Web Site Reservation capability with:

Web Internet Reservations
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  • Automatic, real-time RATE AND INVENTORY management from your current FrontClerk PMS data.
  • Incorporate the HSS web booking engine into your hotel's or your chain's existing web site.
  • Take guest reservations over the web AUTOMATICALLY AND DIRECTLY INTO YOUR FRONTCLERK PMS !
  • No Transaction Fees apply !

Already have an existing web site reservation capability? Ask us about adapting our interface. Our XML booking engine can meet the Open Travel Alliance standards and is adaptable to:

  • Chain Central Reservation Systems,
  • Third Party Central Reservation Systems, and
  • Your Hotel's Website
  • Popular Travel Websites such as Expedia